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October 09, 2019


xenobiotics are any foreign molecule not synthesised by the natural organism.
In chemistry any nutrient not made by our body is considered a drug (Xenobiotics) and may cause immunological responses. •
Piperine (a molecule found in black pepper) inhibits glucuronids, The enzymes produced in the liver responsible for breaking down xenobiotics (foreign nutrients/drugs).

Piperine can be found in most supplements to help Xenobiotics (foreign molecules/drugs) pass the liver and become up to 70% more bioavailable for absorption in the body.
(Although this is set at a specific Body:Weight ratio not found in over the counter supplements).

Research conducted on Piperine always gets me thinking, How long have people been putting pepper on their foods To help foreign nutrients pass the liver becoming more Bio-available? And how could they possibly know this in Ayurvedic texts centuries old... plant medicine is fascinating! #BioChem 

Milk thistle & dandelion root are my two favourite herbs to recommend enhanced bile production (diuretics/natural laxatives) helping the liver self clean and shed extra fluid weight.

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