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What does water do for the body

October 09, 2019

What does water do for the body

6 reasons combat athletes need to stay hydrated.

Our brains are made up of 73% water. A 2% dehydration deficit leads to muscle cramping, slower reaction times, slower reflex times, puts a strain on short term memory skills along with other important cognitive abilities.

Fluid acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord offering some protection from concussions and sub concussive hits when hydrated.

Independent of lifestyle and environment, dehydration leads to brain shrinkage. When the body is lacking water it pulls fluid from brain cells causing the brain to wither and shrink, not just effecting the size but also how it works.

Water assists in aerobic abilities helping to deliver oxygen throughout the body.

Water helps to lubricants joints. As first mentioned, dehydration leads to muscle cramping and poor short term decision making.

Water offers trace minerals and trace amounts of Electrolytes. Combat athletes and high energy expanding individuals will find themselves needing to supplement Electrolytes. 

Best Electrolyte supplementation is;
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