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The Great Artisan Basin, The cleanest water in the world

October 09, 2019

The Great Artisan Basin, The cleanest water in the world

The great artisan basin is considered the purest natural spring water in all of the world.

Spilling over in natural springs located around NSW central west farm lands, the water found in the great artisan basin is said to take millions of years filtering down through solid sandstone (permeable rocks) from the rain forests high up in the Papua New Guinea mountains and is contained by the outer layers of limestone the water can not filter through
(ImPermeable rocks).

More recently Mining companies have lobbied for exploration rights and big Food companies have bidders negotiating for the rights to bottle and sell this purest of mineral waters.

As the CEO of Nescafé recently said “water should not be considered a human right.”

Digging for water or locating a good spot to dig for water in central NSW can be as easy as walking around with 2 broken tree branches or a coat hanger and the electro magnetic properties of your own body and the earths magnetic fields.

When walking over the magnetic fields of water the tree branch’s held loosely in your hands will attract each other’s magnetic fields and be drawn in closer, then all is left is to dig until you reach water. (some areas of the basin being closer to the surface then others, with over 80% of the natural spring drying up since the early 1900’s)

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