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Debunking popular Nutrition Myths Q&A's

October 09, 2019

Debunking popular Nutrition Myths Q&A's

Let’s Clear up some popular nutrition myths.

Athletes require supplements?
FALSE; supplements are only required to supplement nutrition intake when the diet does not meet daily recommendations.

Thermogenic supplements are fat burning?
FALSE; Thermogenesis raises body temperatures making it easier to expand energy. fluid weight lost is restored upon your next drink and meal unless a deficit is maintained.

Protein makes you strong?
FALSE; protein is required to repair muscle tissue, it does not build muscle itself.

What you eat around training/events doesn’t matter?
FALSE; what you eat before and during an event will affect your performance. What you eat post events will effect your recovery.

We need fluids when we are thirsty?
FALSE; we need a constant supply of fluid replacement. We need water long before we feel thirsty.

Bodyweight is most important?
FALSE; body composition is more important, muscle ways more than fat.

We need carbs Pre workout?
FALSE; muscles are able to store 2X as much glycogen immediately post workout compared to any other time of the day.

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