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Nutrient Quality -PT2

October 09, 2019

Nutrient Quality -PT2

Nutritional Density V Empty Calories.

We are all made from recycled star dust and need to consume recycled star dust to replenish our bodies.
Our bodies consist of Roughly;

💧65% Water
💎18% Carbon
💨10% Hydrogen
🔥3% Nitrogen

⭐️4% Others

Nutrient density
The essential minerals our body needs to maintain homeostasis are found within the earths crust and are absorbed by tap roots bringing up trace minerals from veins within the earth to feed plants, flowers, trees so they can grow with enough sunlight and water.

Amino Acids are produced by plants when uptake of nitrogen is broken down and turned into various amino acids, sugars/fibres and other phytonutrients through way of photosynthesis. 

Amino acids/proteins are lost through heat and microwave signals (Reheating food/high temperatures).

Amino acids (EAA’s/NEAA’s) need to form a chain of 50, linked by branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) to form a single protein chain. 

Empty Calories
Industrial Farming on a mass scale has said to of sucked dry rich mineral veins from inside the earths crust.
When these fields have not been replenished by bushfires or compost our foods can lack certain minerals when growing food year after year. (Magnesium is an example thought to be lacking from areas where over farming is prevalent).

Heat and radio waves disfigure the structure of amino acids just like radiation and possibly WiFi signals. (Thought to be partly responsible for the decline in Bee populations).

Foods processed via heat and when reheated can burn off certain amino acids at high temperatures making the food less nutrient dense.
(‘Cold Pressed’ becoming a popular processing method).

Take away msg➖
Meats are the single most nutritionally dense source of protein/ followed by some seeds, nuts and algae.
Essential fats;
Salmon, egg yolk, chicken thigh, Avocado, coconut, seeds/nuts
Fruit & Vegetables.
berries, fruits, veg & herbs .

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