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Manipulating hormones PT1

October 09, 2019

Manipulating hormones PT1

The purpose of nutrition/ fasting/ supplements or any other method behind weight control is to manipulate hormones into a negative or positive metabolic state (fat balancing).

The 5 major hormones that respond to what you eat are:

Insulin is the number1 anabolic hormone and secretes via carbohydrate consumption and gluconeogenesis to prevent ketoacidosis.
The best way to keep insulin secretion down is via fasting or lowering your simple carbohydrate consumption while increasing complex carbohydrates.

Cortisol is anabolic to fat and catabolic to Muscle the exact opposite to what we want making it harder to burn fat. Cortisol levels are raised in times of stress.

Testosterone is the exact opposite being anabolic to muscle while catabolic to fat and is the response we are looking for.

Oestrogen and Testosterone can be a double edged sword for post menopausal women as these are the two major weight control hormones playing regulators.

Lipase is responsible for digestion and transport of lipids & dietary fats.

You are responsible for what you eat. your hormones are what is responsible for how your body responds to certain food groups.

PT-2 coming next⚠️ manipulating hormones through nutrition.

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