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Macro or Micro nutrition

October 09, 2019

Macro or Micro nutrition

Saying you count macro’s is kinda like saying you do UFC. It can mean different things to different people.

In a perfect world we could eat whatever we want without consequence, unfortunately that’s not the case.

So here’s some quick tips to help you start killing in the kitchen...

🥩Red meats; 3-5 X PW 
🐟 Wild caught fish; 3 X PW.
🥦Fibre; 25-35gm PD
🍌Fruit; 2-3 PD
💧Water; All of the water

Protein, Carbs & Fats at every meal along with 2 cups of veg, because quality matter.
*A 2016 Harvard study has shown quality of carbohydrates is more important than quantity for overall health. So load up on those complex carbs and fibres.

Bonus points for Bone broth and probiotics to boost your immune system.

It’s common to see the Bros crush 400gm carbs per mea! yet hormones are synthesised from essential fatty acids.

It’s worth a mention if your not mastering all the above and crushing 8-10hrs sleep each night... well, it’s no use complaining about physic or wasting your money on supplements.

Before we go:
*Essential Fats are the precursors to hormones.
*Exercise is more effective than SSRI’s
*Micronutrient deficiency’s correlates with over 900 different lifestyle diseases.

What’s the take away msg?
Eat all the colours of the rainbow.
Food quality over food quantity.
get up and move around more.

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