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Glycemic Index and LoGi food swaps

October 09, 2019

Glycemic Index and LoGi food swaps

A calorie is a calorie unless we are talking about hormonal responses and the glycemic index.

LoGi foods break down slower, leaving you feeling fuller for longer with a sustained energy source of slow releasing carbohydrates to use as fuel along with a lower insulin secretion.
(Sweet potato Vs white rice)

LoGi foods are a great option for weight loss and diseased populations to help avoid sharp spikes in blood glucose which promotes fat storage amongst other health concerns. (Beetroot Vs Bread).

Moderate protein always!!!
Whey protein actually has a quicker GI response than carbohydrates.... what? 
That’s right, if your worried about insulin spiking from simple carbs you need to rethink all those protein shakes and meal replacements! (turkey mince Vs whey shakes).
Let’s talk about gluconeogenesis next time and why you shouldn’t drink your meals for weight loss.

Complex carbs and fibre gets your guts right by feeding your probiotics the required prebiotics and promoting digestion and good gut health. (All the greens).

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