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Evolution of the human brain.

October 09, 2019

Evolution of the human brain.

Science doesn’t give a hoot about your politics-
Time magazine Science 2016.

It’s been theorised humans are biologically designed to consume meat.
From our teeth to our digestive system right through to our metabolism and bone structure. Humans are omnivores at the top of the food chain.

Meat first became a part of our pre-human ancestors diet about 2.6 million years ago and now we think is one of the main contributing reasons to the evolution into modern humans, their intellect and the doubling in size of the human brain. After all you don’t have to plan many strategies to hunt down and cook up a yam 

An evolutionary biologist from Harvard University has concluded if humans were to survive off plant matter alone we would have to conduct about 15 million chewing cycles per year compared to the more nutritionally dense cooked meats (which started showing up about 500,000yrs ago).
which required approximately 40% less energy to digest while offering higher calories and nutrient density which would have saved our ancestors massive amounts of time and energy just eating dinner alone.

A diet that consisted of 1 third animal protein and 2 thirds mashed root vegetables would have saved humans roughly 2 million chew cycles per year at a 13% energy reduction.

This would have gone a long way to better serve our human ancestors by not just giving extra hours in the day but a more efficient metabolism process offering higher calories and a higher nutrient density.

By the time humans started cooking their meats we think this had a major part in the reduced size of our jaw bones and canine teeth with meats becoming easier to chew once cooked or prepared. Which again may of lead the way for advancements of our vocal cords and the growth of our brains.

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