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Eating to save the environment.

October 09, 2019

Eating to save the environment.

The biggest step you can take towards helping the environment is starting on a local level.

By growing your own foods, by influencing big businesses through your purchase behaviours. By buying local.

Shop with local businesses. Start Buying from places that promote regenerative agriculture, land regrowth and paddock to plate farms that cut out the middle men and transportation costs.

Find places that grow and manufacture their own products rather than import from over seas.

It all starts with your personal decisions and purchase behaviour. 
Start with your local farmers markets and buy local.

The carbon emission statistics look very different when comparing person per capita rather than country to country.

Regenerative agriculture has shown to be the cleanest and most effective method to grow food for our future generations and promote regeneration of the land you are eating from while storing carbon in the soil.

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