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Circadian Rhythm

October 09, 2019

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm ⏰
Is the biological process of your endogenous clock cycling over a 24hr period.
Derived from the Latin word ‘Circa-Diem’ meaning ‘Approximately a day.’

Scientists are only just beginning to understand how parts of your biological clock works.

Do you get drowsy in the afternoons yet left eyes wide open a few hours later 💤
Are your toilet breaks like clockwork🚽
hormones on time ⏲
You can thank your Circadian Rhythm 🦗

Regulated in the Hypothalamus, a small part of your brain that connects your nervous system to your endocrine system.

The group of nerves known as the Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), is connected to your optic nerves and responds to darkness & light sending signals through out our body to regulate things like body temperature, heart rate, blood Pressure and the release of hormones like melatonin.

Researchers have noted this is why we are at our cognitive best in the late mornings and most likely wanting to nap between 2-3pm.
In the same way we perk up in the evenings with our ‘second wind’ and are most likely in our deepest sleep cycle between 3-4am.

It’s believed around 15% of our genes are regulated by our Circadian Rhythm and scientists have linked it to health issues like Diabetes, Obesity, Depression & Dementia through regulation of hormones, although a ton of research is still needed.

We are no longer slaves to our biological clocks like we were once as kids.
Work, Sports, Partying, Play time and a ton of everyday demands have put a strain on this, so don’t feel left out..

Next time your body is telling you to take a nap it might be wise to listen 😴

Quick tips;
🌞 Turn off all blue lights when the sun goes down.
🛏 Stay away from your phones, TV’s & tablets at least an hour before bed.
🌅 Leave your blinds open and get used to waking with the sunrise.

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